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I’m back. I know really!

For many years I’ve loved to shop when traveling. I’ve not been traveling this year and I’ve noted that my style has suffered greatly. And yes I admit I do subscribe to quite a few cool websites that I shop to help me mimic my style when I’m not traveling.

I’ve got to share I’m not loving the plastic, vanilla offerings that are so prevalent in the luxury box stores. I’ve also been shopping the boutique stores, and YIKES the prices are off the charts and the offerings are pretty-much the same? (Note to small businesses it’s always good to offer something that the big box store is not.)

Is it important to you to have that one fashion item that makes a statement? Then stay tuned as I’m starting Runway Accessory.  An online store that offers ONE-OF-A-KIND semi-precious necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Pictured is an example of a gorgeous necklace I found made from natural ‘sleeping beauty turquoise amethyst and black spinel.

Beautiful and makes a statement — a runway accessory look for sure! What’s your statement look?

Keep me posted and I’d love to learn more!