I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan so of course, I rushed to see The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey. A very special scene from the movie spurred this blog. Gandolf was asked the question, “Why bring along Bilbo Baggins?” His response was eloquent and inspiring and it went something like this, “he brings me joy and it’s all in his daily details.

“All in the daily details is a New Year’s resolution every hotel should inspire to incorporate. The Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental are a few hotels known for their superior customer service, but do they offer daily details that generate positive conversations, unforgettable moments, and high referrals?

What about independent hotels and resorts, how do they compete with renowned chain properties. Wouldn’t it be advantageous to implement a daily details culture? What I’ve learned over the years is that most independent properties are more flexible and offer amenities that are more unique which create the perfect storm to implement a strategic daily details culture.

Recently, a friend was traveling for business and I wanted to surprise her with an in-room treat upon arrival. I called the InterContinental Hotel in New York City and spoke with the guest specialist, who not only assisted me with my request but she went out of her way to make sure everything was perfect. When I called back to check to see if everything was a go, she stated she spoke to her manager who also included a bottle of champagne. This is exactly what I’m speaking of when I refer to a daily details culture. Going the extra mile to enhance a guest request and employees that can offer that little something extra are just a few ways that daily details would impress. And just imagine how many times these stories will be told to friends and family and shared via social networks.

The daily detail possibilities are endless, but why are they not more prevalent? I believe it’s has to be ingrained within the company culture, and it must be exhibited daily by CEO’s, managers, directors and so on. And yes, I do understand the Lord of the Rings is a fantasy, but isn’t travel a fantasy as well?

Would love to hear your stories on hotels that impressed you with the details?