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Everything from the Aurora Borealis, to river cruising, to RV, rail and culinary adventures are on the travel menu for 2013 according to About.com’s travel predictions for 2013.

One trend I found particularly interesting is less reliance on anonymous travel reviews. Consumers are smart and they’ve finally realized that many  travel review sites may not be reliable. Word of caution; and I’ve had this discussion with clients, be transparent, don’t pay anyone to upload false positive reviews. And really study the bad reviews. If they have merit change or correct the problem; if it’s a disgruntled angry rant, let it go!  I predict that consumers will rely more and more on recommendations made through social media channels. I also believe travel review sites will need to offer consumers more in the years to come or they will become obsolete.

Travel review sites or not, people from around the world will travel next year. How will you get travelers to pencil-in your resort or hotel on their 2013 bucket list? This is a great question to ponder as you plan for the upcoming year.

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