Travel trends for 2013 are arriving in my inbox at a furious pace. The trend that keeps on rising to the top is to unplug, take technology free vacations and step away from all electronics. Travelers may find unplugging from their laptops, e-readers and smartphones anxiety provoking, but after a day or two many find themselves more relaxed and eager to explore the world beyond WIFI.

Hotels and resorts that want to take advantage of this new trend should consider an “unplugged” vacation package. It really doesn’t matter if the resort offers 100’s of activities or 10, the idea is to create a relative, engaging package that speaks to your core target market.

For example a city hotel could offer:

  • Walking tours to include: cultural, culinary, and historic points of interest
  • Cooking classes with the chef or wine tasting classes with the sommelier
  • Shopping trips, complete with discount coupon books and a chauffeur at the ready

Or if you manage a resort property you may want to offer:

  • Traditional activities with perks: BOGO, resort credits or personalized classes
  • Family discounts geared toward modern families and traditional family vacation escapes
  • Learning adventures: watersports, culinary, craft making, photography…

Of course, you can also offer discounts to guests who check their electronics at the front desk upon check-in and doesn’t check them out until they depart. Here’s a quirky twist on this idea, guests that unplug could be featured on the property’s social media channels. Of course, this feature would be post departure, and guests would be encouraged to share their unplugged adventures.

Ideas for unplugged vacation packages are endless. Before creating a package do consider the needs of your current and potential guests, make sure the offer is operationally feasible and offer a creative “news angle” to generate press.

Do share if you develop an unplugged vacation package as I would love to see what’s working. Happy Unplugging….