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Some call me the ‘package queen’. I’m grateful for the title, but more importantly, it’s a strategic move in my PR arsenal. First and foremost good PR pro’s, especially in lifestyle and travel, should always be looking to develop targeted news packages. How else can a resort, attraction or theme park showcase their unique brand attributes and gain media attention? According to socialmediatoday.com; “75% of consumers say they ‘sometimes,’ ‘frequently’ or ‘always’ visit a corporate news website or online newsroom when using social media.” Newsrooms today are not just for journalists. Consumers now look to newsrooms to gain the latest news. Additionally, posting releases in newsrooms assist with SEO, a huge factor in today’s digital world.

In anticipation of the 2012 summer Olympics, I had advised a client to pursue an engaging, fun and photo driven campaign. The resort is family-friendly so I suggested a “wacky Olympics” PR package. The resort boasts a wide-variety of activities so we put our heads together and created a fun, wacky package the entire family could enjoy. Not only did the package gain media attention, the proactive approach allowed the reservations staff to sell this package at a higher rate than their traditional summer package. It also assisted the reservations staff in selling against their competitors as the offer was unique.

Press releases give properties with active social media channels, the opportunity to be social. The wacky package was posted on the resort’s blog and on Twitter, and it was presented on Facebook in a more conversational way. Pictures were uploaded and conversations started about the many wacky Olympic-styled activities. Engagement was robust during the summer Olympic time period; 1,589 stories were generated from the Facebook page, while 3,200 people where talking about the Page posts.

I do relish the title of package queen, but I don’t take it lightly. All vacation packages can and should be used to leverage marketing goals. I’m not talking about multi-page, fluffy, press releases. I’m talking about newsworthy, marketing-oriented releases that have value not only for the media but for consumers as well. Oh, and please don’t just post the press releases across all social channels without regard to engagement, news or reader value.

Time to go create a package!