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Louis Vuitton is using personal brand stories to showcase it’s iconic monogram series.  This new campaign uses renowned celebrities such as Catherine Deneuve, Marc Jacobs, Cate Blanchette and others who share personal stories of how they discovered; or what monogram series means to them.

The campaign touts the high recognition of the monogram series, its value as a product, its history, and how the series associates its user with extraordinary luxury.  The campaign is even more effective as its peppered with personal stories that reach into consumers’ personal lives.  We can all relate to a cherished item that has been passed down from generation to generation. The same sentiment applies to how one discovers a product, a new food or great wine; these stories of discovery are personal and emotionally connective. From a wallet to a piece of luggage, the item you purchase is not as important as the association with the brand. You’ve landed in the luxury strata coveted by many; how will you share your story?

Of course, I love this campaign, as it’s exactly the strategy I recommend to all of my clients.  My mantra stories sell, period!

Hope you enjoy this campaign as much as I am and do share what stories you use to sell your brand.