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In today’s day and age of instant gratification and social media as an expected extension of a brand, how do luxury resorts and hotels compete in a global marketplace? An interesting article appeared on Luxury Daily that addresses this issue. The article was insightful, compelling and in my humble opinion, spot on.

As a PR professional who has, and does, represent luxury clients in the lifestyle tour and travel industry, the issue of social media and its intervention with luxury branding has arisen quite often.

Oftentimes, luxury travel clients resist having a presence on social media. Their thought process usually flows as such, “affluent consumers or aspirational clients aren’t online and don’t pay attention to social media.” Well I beg to differ, and it appears that other industry experts noted in the Luxury Daily article agree.

Luxury travel brands need to have a consistent image. This should start with the online experience be it a website, blog, Facebook, Tumblr, and/or Pinterest and move to the buying experience and beyond. Luxury consumers today are very aware, as the vast majority associate their own personal brand with what they wear, what they drive, where they travel and so on. With that said, if the social media channels don’t support the brand culture, many high-end travelers will look for a brand that does.

The article goes on to discuss how luxury brands can “humanize” their image via social media, which builds on my theory of story sharing. Affluent consumers want to share brand stories, which resonate with their own personal beliefs, values and lifestyles. Stories are the perfect way for the über wealthy to share their affection, endorse the brands they love and make recommendations.

Have you incorporated story sharing?  If not, you may want to consider a story sharing strategy, which allows you to connect emotionally and illustrates true-to-life experiences. This will certainly set your brand apart from your competitors.

So what’s your story?  Please share, as I’d love to hear yours.