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Branding has always been a complicated. Today’s brand managers and marketers need to approach branding as a multi-dimensional task to ensure a cohesive brand strategy.

In today’s day and age when consumers can interact with brands across multiple channels, brand communication needs to be spot on, but it should vary from channel to channel.  Who wants to read a 1,000 word blog post? A magazine article would be more intuitive. I really don’t want to wait on a video download on Facebook, but I might on YouTube. It’s germane.

“Consumers think more holistically and broadly, which is the way that brands need to think,” stated Ron Rogowski, San Francisco-based vice president and principle analyst at Forrester Research, at the 2012 Forrester Customer Experience forum this week.

This topic and more was the subject of a great article in Luxury Daily.  The article articulates that branding needs to be managed across all platforms creating a “unified experience”.  I agree wholeheartedly, as I’ve used this strategy for years.  In fact, I’m militant about using “branded messaging” in all forms of communication.  My specialty happens to be PR so of course, and for me, this strategy now includes all social media channels.

The article went on to define user encounters and how each device: smart phones, iPads, computers etc., bring about different touch point experiences. Touch points need to be addressed from the very beginning of each campaign, and each channel should support the brand in various ways.  Will the blog be used to tell stories?  Do you utilize Twitter for short news bursts? Is Facebook an extension of the website offering a user engagement component? How does the brand utilize Google Plus, Tumblr, FourSquare, Pinterest? The list goes on.  And yes, I realize some of these channels are self explanatory, but the branding message whether it’s communicated via photo, words, video etc. needs to be consistent.

The article also showcased great examples of how brands are working to unify their messaging across different channels.  You may want to have a look!

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