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Just finished a great session, at the Society of American Travel Writers Atlantic Caribbean Conference, with Bob Morris on e-books how to publish and make money. Morris stated that over 42% of American’s have e-readers and of those 42%, 82% use the e-reader as the single source to glean information from newspapers to magazines and more.

An idea came to mind as Morris was talking.  Why aren’t convention and visitor bureaus, and/or multi-property brands using the idea as a way to tell unique, rich stories about the destination or brand?  Morris reported that most e-books sell for around $2.99 a pop.  A tourism agency or a multi-branded hotel property doesn’t have to sell their books for $2.99 but as government funding dwindles, why not? Plus it’s a great way to get information out to potential and existing travelers using personal, interesting stories sans the traditional oh-hum tourism brochure.  Or if you are a multi-branded hotel property sell the e-book with a give back to a brand centric cause or charity.

A few useful sites to get started in e-book publishing.  Amazon has its own authors pages and Kindle offers a great self publishing site.

Great session, and will see you on the Amazon authors page.