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A new travel website MissTravel.com, a travel/dating site is creating quite a stir. It’s a site that promises beautiful women a free vacation experience, if they don’t mind traveling with an unknown, obviously wealthy gentlemen who will pick up the tab for all of the travel expenses.

I am getting a yuck factor from this site, and I happen to agree with Matt Lauer, from the Today Show, why not advertise for any and all to apply.  Why the focus on the “young and beautiful” to apply?

Another scarey thought, and yes I’m going to put it out there, let’s say you are traveling with a well-to-do escort, but and it’s a big but, how well do you know this person?  He could be abusive, a drunkard, and more.  Who’s going to come to your rescue when your thousands of miles away in a foreign country?

As everyone knows, I am a huge proponent of travel.  It opens minds, dispels negative cultural perceptions, and it’s a dynamic way to shed stress, build creativity and learn.

I just don’t think MissTravel.com had those same things in mind when she built her business mode.  Just my 2¢.  Enough said, and of course your comments are welcome.