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I had an amazing opportunity this past week to see Dr. Jane Goodall at Rollins College.  Of course, she spoke of her collaboration with Disney Nature, and the new movie Chimpanzee.  That in itself was fascinating, but as I leaned in and listened closer, Dr. Jane spoke of the world we live in today, and I will share her thoughts, filtered through my perceptions.

She shared that our minds have become disconnected from our hearts.  We’ve moved away from caring about tomorrow as we are living in the now making choices for what is best for today without regard for the future.  This does not only effect her beloved Champanzees, but it effects the world; it’s waters, cultures, and children.

Her presentation resonated deeply. As a PR pro, I’ve always had a penchant to include a cultural, environmental, and when possible a give back, aka cause marketing, program when building vacation packages for clients.  Not only do I feel these types of vacation packges help travelers to connect with their hearts and minds, I feel the learning experience conveys when they arrive home. Maybe they use less water, start recycling or look at a person who comes from a different culture a bit more openly.

On this Earth Day, I give great thanks to world-changers like Dr. Jane Goodall.  In her honor, I will continue, in my own small way, to open hearts and minds by collaborating with my clients, to develop meaningful PR packages with a heart.