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Flawsome is a new buzzword. It was recently discussed during a seminar with Marie Smith and Guy Kawasaki, and today as I read the April Trendwatching report, it’s the headline.

Trendwatching defines Flawsome as follows: “Consumers don’t expect brands to be flawless. In fact, consumers will embrace brands that are FLAWSOME: brands that are still brilliant despite having flaws; even being flawed (and being open about it) can be awesome. Brands that show some empathy, generosity, humility, flexibility, maturity, humor, and (dare we say it) some character and humanity.” 

What I know with or without the trendy term; is that people (aka consumers) in general like to know that you (aka the brand) have flaws and are willing to discuss these flaws. Just like a best friend, family member or co-worker everyone has flaws, it’s how you deal with these flaws that’s important.  For me, honesty and humor plus putting yourself in someone else’s shoes seem to work best.

Don’t know if I’d say flaunt your flaws, but I wouldn’t hide them either.  Be real, and show the human side of your brand. Have fun with your mistakes, learn from your mistakes, and grow from your mistakes.  That to me is Flawsome!