had a great news feed today about the importance of SEO in regards to social media marketing as reported from Search Engine

More than 3,800 social media marketers from around the world voiced their opinions when asked “what marketing channels do they use?” Surprisingly enough, email is still the number one choice and rallied with 87% of the vote.  Others marketing channels came in as follows:

  • 65% – SEO  (PPC is giving way to SEO and this trend appears to be here to stay)
  • 64% – Event marketing (speaking, networking…)
  • 55% – Press Releases
  • 41% – Direct Mail
  • 38% – Online Ads
  • 36% – Print Display Ads
  • 28% – Sponsorships
  • 20% – Webinars
  • 17% – Radio Ads
  • 10% – TV Ads

As a PR pro this survey is not surpising as press releases (when done correctly) are a source of news information, and yes a soft sell is inevitable in some cases, but more often than not, press releases are a viable source of news.

What I found of interest is that traditional electronic media advertisement is really slipping fast.  And just yesterday, USA Today reported that steaming video could confound TV watchers. The article went on to state, “Americans will watch more than 3.4 billion movies online this year.” How will this effect traditional TV?

Will be interesting to watch.