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Yesterday was D-day for Facebook’s new timeline page updates.  Have you updated your page?  Not to worry. If you are looking to position your Facebook page as a newsroom the following tips may be of interest.

First and foremost the new cover photo is now your new welcome page.  The cover photo must be unique, meaningful, and personalized to represent your brand so be very “picky” when uploading. Keep the cover photo updated as it is representative of your brand. An ever-changing cover photo is newsy in its own right.  Here are a few noteable covers to review.

Manage your applications.  As you know the new Facebook tab showcases 12 customizable applications but only four appear, and in actually the photo application is a constant so only three applications appear.  Can you use them to showcase your latest editorial?  You can, just be judicious.

If you have an important update you want everyone to see, you can use the new — Pin-it-to-Top feature to keep it at the top of your update column for up to 7 days.  This is important.  If you’re client is featured in a relative print, high-gloss magazine editorial or televised via a news story, leverage the news story to all of your fans, Twitter followers and via the blog by linking them back to the Facebook post. The additional exposure may help sales, increase brand awareness or dispel a negative perception.  The pin application is a great tool, use it wisely. It’s easy to use; click on the pencil to edit the post, and the option to Pin to Top is right there. You can also hide a post there if you don’t want viewers seeing it.

Another unique timeline Facebook feature is its increased connection to storytelling. Using the new “milestones” feature, brands can feature important moments and events in the brands’ history. Just as we ask our fans to tell their stories, now brands can tell theirs. 

Of course the basics still apply.  Use links when prudent, ask probing questions, post often (don’t overdue) 2 or 3 times a day max, and a recent report states that posting Weekdays 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 8 p.m. are peak times on Facebook. Make sure you’re hitting all of those times so your story gets found.

Last but not least be responsive, comment on both good or bad posts.  Consumers don’t believe in companies that are 100% perfect nor do they want to associate with companies that are failing. Consumers do respond to companies who admit their mistakes, correct them and move on!

How you are using Facebook as a news stream?