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Have you seen the new Cartier spot; Le Odyssee de Cartier it’s an amazing multimillion dollar spot to be sure, but it really is an odyssey. More importantly it speaks to the culture of luxury getting back to its roots.  The commercial is all about classic Cartier jewelry, the firm’s signature pieces are showcased throughout. Cartier has obviously done their research as today’s luxury consumer wants time honored classic pieces that will never go out of style, pieces that are certainly investments, but investments that will last a lifetime.

The travel industry has been on this trend for years now, and it seems to be working as the luxury travel market has seen steady increases year over year. What’s been working in the industry is personalized, authentic, “true” experiences sans conspicuous consumption.  Today’s travelers aren’t moved by the $10,000 a night suite complete with a gold facial. Instead, they want organic, healthy foods, opportunities to disconnect from all electronics and pure indulgence.  Pure indulgence means every thing and every service is provided without asking.  It’s intuitive guest services.  And yes of course, superior guest services, gorgeous surroundings, and sumptuous foods are expected.

Cartier’s ad isn’t about blatant consumption, but about classic luxury, which should resonate with today’s luxury consumer.  Will follow this thought trend and see if they hit the mark with this gorgeous, over-the-top odyssey advertising campaign!