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If you haven’t heard by now there’s a new social media ‘player’ in town, one that has captured the interest of millions and has grown by leaps in bounds in just one year. According to Quantcast, Pinterest now reaches an estimated three million people while another 12 million plus have visited the site in the past year. What is Pinterest?  Pinterest is a social network; think of a collage board on digital steroids, that let’s ‘pinterestors’ share, curate and discover new interest using photography or videos pinning or repinning to their own or others’ pinboards.

Do you jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.  I encourage you to explore, learn more and develop a strategy that is in line with your brand before entertaining a Pinterest site.  Below are a few brands that are winning the Pinnathon Race:

Oreck is not a brand that I would look to for Pinterest but they’ve taken a creative bent that serves them quite well, while keeping the brand in tact without pontificating at every turn.

Etsy, with more than 50,000 followers is also doing it quite right.  They are an ideal fit as both Pinterest and Etsy are lifestyle brands.  What Etsy does right is it categorizes interests into neat, easy to follow boards with great ideas that ignites consumers to follow and purchase products.

General Electric with their “Badass Machines” board is really giving the company a cool image while featuring fan photos (organic as they are now tying into their Facebook brand) from the #GEInspiredMe campaign, and showcasing the companies unique history.

Of course everyone is talking about InStyle Magazine and Real Simple Magazine today’s most buzzed about sites on Pinterest, but look out as Mashable is trying to reel in the “male demographic” which is notable absent on Pinterest.  Will they become the next “must pin” destination.

Stay tuned and pin-away!