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The headlines about the Costa Concordia, the cruise ship that is slowing sinking off the coast of Italy is eerily representative of the Titanic.  Ship sinks as it hits an unforeseen rock. Ouch!

I’m penning this entry because I see very little efforts, and nary a comment from a company spokesperson.  Really, in this day and age, you would think that Carnival Cruise, the parent company of Costa Concordia, would do more than post a template letter.  Sorry, I’m not feeling the love.  Why not have a “micro site” and stream live updates.  I didn’t see any presence on their Facebook page or any news hastags on Twitter?

And PR people wonder why PR has a bad reputation.  Sometimes it’s just to easy! Come on Carnival get busy. Roll-up your sleeves. It takes hard work, strategy, and leadership. Most importantly put yourselves in the shoes of your passengers and give them what the expect!