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As for quiet, did you read the New York Times article on The Joy of Quiet.  It’s an interesting read and leads me to believe that “off-the-grid” escapes will gain in prominence this year and will continue, well forever.

Londoner’s may start the trend as this summer is shaping up to be a busy one with visitors from around the world.  American’s will also embrace this trend as stress, the desire to be disconnected, and the human tendency to discover uncharted lands will make quiet escapes uber attractive.

Many will seek long-haul destinations for one reason – solitude.  Here are a few escapes to add to your bucket list if solitude and peace and quiet are on your travel list.

  • Islas Secas, an archipelago of 16 private islands just 25 miles off the coast of Panama. This quiet, peaceful escape delivers opportunities for a day of total solitude, yep you guessed it on your own private island or if you need people interaction you may spot one or two of the 14 other guests, or not as they may be discovering the prolific natural wonders, that are exclusive to the area.
  • Bhutan, is one of the most isolated destinations in the world. It remains so, as it only allows visitors to explore places via a set itinerary, which is why it’s it countryside is pristine.
  • Laguna San Rafael National Park, located on the Pacific coast of southern Chili offers visitors a one-of-a-kind escape to countless rivers and lakes plus the entire Norther Patagonian Ice Fields.  The park is also home to the tallest peak in the Southern Andes, Mount San Valentín (4,058 m or 13,310 ft).

Of course, like all things in life these destinations are off-the-grid which makes traveling to them a bit more lengthy, but I’d rather spend the day traveling, then spend my entire vacation on towel touching beaches, sitting in tourism traffic and getting frustrated with the trappings of tourism developed getaways.