Where will travelers be looking to book in 2012?  Are they staycationing, vacationing, or taking an Olympian break?  Of course, only time will tell but my gut’s telling me that remote, quiet experiences will compete heavily with momentous events.

Let’s start with momentous events.  London is the “Queen” of momentous events for 2012.  Not only will the Olympics be held in the UK this summer, the Queen will be also be celebrating a 60-year reign.  In Her honor Buckingham palace will be coordinating the Queens Diamond Jubilee festival weekend; June 2-5, 2012.  Many Londoner’s will relish all of the elation, while many will not.  Those who seek an escape will undoubtedly seek reprieve to an island escape or take a short break to neighboring Ireland where the RMS Titanic was launched.

Speaking of momentous events, Belfast will also host it’s fair share this summer. In remembrance of the 100 year maiden voyage of the Titanic, a new visitors center; Titanic Belfast, is readying to bring on the anniversary celebrations. If you missed the Queen during the Diamond Jubilee weekend you may be able to catch the royal couple who are slated to visit the museum this year as well.  The museum is set to open in March.

Belfast will also be home to the Belfast Festival at Queens. This festival is in it’s 50th year and promises to be especially wonderful as Belfast wants to continue to shine and uphold the vote by National Geographic as a top-ten place to visit in 2012.

Quiet escapes will be covered in an upcoming blog!