The pundits have spoken and the dust has settled with all of Facebook’s new application announcements.  The one area I really resonated with is the new Facebook timeline feature.  I personally won’t use it myself, but from a business perspective I can envision great applications for brands.

Imagine somebody mentioning in their timeline that they are eating pizza at Domino’s or listening to Lady Gaga’s new CD, or whatever.  All of these actions are now added to this individual’s timeline.  My question is, will a company be able to track comments across the web in regards to mentions in timelines?  For example, over 250,000 people mentioned Nike in their timelines today as they headed out the door for a run. Here is an interesting article on CNN that indicated my predictions might have merit.

Brands will also be able to highlight their histories, tracking significant passages in time and relating these passages to how the company brand was shaped and how it stands today.

Overall, I think the timeline is sticky and will force brands to offer outstanding features as they are now competing one-on-one with all of the timeline’s applications; movies, music, news and of course, friends and family.

Facebook is making life very interesting to say the least.