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CBS Sunday Morning is one of my all time favorite shows. They always produce segments that beg to be discussed.  Today’s segment on Pets photographer’s ambitious adoption photos was one of those shows. This segment held my interest for several reasons: 1) marketing story 2) photography sells and of course those that know me, know I’m a huge dog lover.

The marketing story is very self explanatory.  Traditional photos that are used to adopt pets through SPCA’s, rescues leagues and more are all about pitiful, sad dogs that need a home.  But, in this case, the photographer repositioned the entire campaign. She moved from pitiful dogs to gorgeous dogs attracting owners who get the privilege of having the pictured dog be part of your family.  Oh so very clever, very simplistic and so very effective. Create Desire. Create Exclusivity. Create sales.

Photography is a whole other story.  For those of you who don’t know me well, I work in the travel industry.  The saying a picture is worth a thousand words is true.  The funny thing about the hoteliers, resort owners and the hospitality industry in general is rarely do we have a client that has great photography. I can share a great example.  We had a private island client whose photography was sub-par at best. Our first branding goal was a photo shoot.  Within a year, the resort was featured not only in magazines, but their photos graced the covers of magazines and helped us land a 20-page feature in the notorious Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The rub for PR pro’s is how do clients expect press without great photography.  It’s a pet peeve of mine, and a challenge I’ve not seem to overcome in the many years I’ve worked in the industry.  They just don’t invest in one of the most signifigant marketing tools that is readily available.

To CBS Sunday Morning thanks again for a great show, and if you want to do an entire show on travel photography, I would love to get involved!