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Facebook is a hot topic with all of the new changes being rolled out over the last few days and more being rolled out, in the upcoming days.  My concern is that Facebook is telling me what is important in my own news feed Now News.  I find this to be arrogant, and not intuitive at all.

As a PR pro I use Facebook as a marketing tool for many of my clients.  Facebook helps promote my clients “brand culture”. It’s been a great platform to converse, share, and promote different programs, special events and more.  All of this has been taken away to some extent. Facebook is now telling me what is important in my news stream with Now News.  How do they know what the culture of the brand represents?  How do they know what is important to the fans or relevant from a client standpoint.  Algorithms be dammed.

Maybe I just don’t understand all the details but at first blush the timeline feature is not appealing to me personally.  I don’t know about you; but there are times in my life that I don’t think are worth sharing with the world.  I know I don’t have to share but how many other people feel the same way?  It’s kinda like going to your high-school reunion.  I for one, don’t want to go back to that stage of my life, I like looking forward and moving forward.  Plus this new format is eerily familiar to My Space.

Mashable has a great comment stream that discusses the above changes and more.  Can’t wait to see how Facebook is going to incorporate these changes for business.  Should be interesting to say the least!