I’m catching up on a lot of emails, reading and etc., and I decided I needed to watch Oprah’s last show.  Of course, she was inspiring as ever, but what really resonated with me is the way, she had for all of those years, connected with her audience on a personal level.

Connecting on a personal level is a key ingredient for success when utilizing social media. How import is connecting with your customers, guests, business associates and more via social media? It’s critical. Yes, promotions, special events, exclusive offers are all great, but if fans, followers and your circle of friends are not personally connected then all of these other efforts don’t deliver.

It’s not hard to see the writing on the wall. How many social media sites will people frequent on any given day? If you aren’t connecting why should people frequent your social media channel. The reason personal connections work is people want to belong, share and help, you have to create a community.

So how are you helping people share, belong, help?  Take a page from Oprah’s playbook, connect and get personal.