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Mashable just reported that Facebook has updated it’s privacy and tagging menu to become a bit more user friendly taking a page from Google+, while Google+ is gearing up for “branded accounts”.  My question is when will Bing launch its version of Facebook to even the playing field?

Twitter, like Facebook is the definite frontrunner, but there are similar Twitter-like social media channels; Hictu, Heelow and I’m sure others.

As these social media (SoMe) sites ptoliferate consumers will choose among the ones that most benefit their personal needs.  Can we compare the growth of social media channels to TV and Cable TV?  When I grew up three TV stations existed, ABC, NBC and CBS.  Today with the proliferation of cable TV, Direct TV, Satellite TV, and others, there are 1,000’s of television stations. How does a brand, aka, company reach their target audiences effectively across all of these TV channels.

This big difference with social media is its consumer controlled whereas TV stations are controlled by companies. It appears the question remains the same regardless of ownership; how will brands decide what social media channels are most important for their products and services?  How will they reach key target markets? Will they rely on metrics from each social media channel and then decide which one best supports their brand, marketing objectives, target audience, etc.…

Wow, I’m exhausted just thinking about all of the many splinter SoMe sites out there today, and can’t even imagine how many more are yet to come.  My answer to the rising plethora of social media channels is blogging.

Blogging, in my opinion will become the most critical social media channel in the digital media arena, yes even more so than Facebook. It’s a brand-controlled space.  It’s an interactive communiqué between a brand and its audiences.  Blogs are like pages of a book, telling the company story one day at a time, always changing, evolving and more importantly engaging, useful, and entertaining.

I’m excited to see if this theory pans out, but in the meantime I suggest you build a robust blog, and of course, tinker with the many social media channels to gain a deep working knowledge of them all.  As they say knowledge is power!